How to dry your laundry faster? Here are some basic tips on how to dry your laundry.

There are many families that have changed the division of household chores due to the increase in the number of hours spent at home through remote work.
However, there may be some people who say, “I want to do more, but honestly I don’t know how.

This is the time of year when the weather is fine and the laundry dries quickly, making it a fun time to do laundry.
So, we asked Haundry Corporation’s Laundry Meister Kazuma Nakagawa to share with us her three tips on how to reduce wrinkles and dry laundry faster.


Hang to dry to prevent wrinkles.

If your clothes dry with wrinkles, you may have to iron them to fix them, or it may take more time to dry the wrinkled parts and take them in.

People who are not used to doing laundry tend to dry their clothes with wrinkles on them, like the towel in the NG example. After removing the towel from the washing tub, shake it from top to bottom several times to stretch out the wrinkles as much as possible before drying.
This is a simple step, but it will save you the trouble of ironing and speed up the drying time.

Hang clothes to dry quickly.

If you use square hangers, you can dry your clothes faster by “arch drying”: hang the long clothes on the outside and the short clothes on the inside.
Hang clothes that are difficult to dry, such as those with a large surface area, those made of cotton, or those that are thick, on the outside of the hanger. Drying in a different way will speed up the drying time.

If you are drying in a room, you can also dry your clothes faster by blowing them with a fan.

How to dry different items without ironing


In addition, once you have mastered how to dry your family’s frequently used clothes, pants, skirts, socks, pants, and bras, you will no longer have to be afraid to do your daily laundry.

For example, hang cut-and-sewn garments on hangers that match the width of your shoulders to dry them in the shade to prevent them from losing their shape.

Drying pants and skirts in a tubular shape not only dries them quickly, but also prevents them from becoming misshapen. Dry socks with the elastic part on top to prevent the elastic from deteriorating.

For pants and panties, pinch both ends of the elastic at the waist to dry them. Dry bras with the underline facing up to prevent them from losing their shape.

However, unlike other clothes, each family has their own preferred way of drying underwear, so it may be best to check with the family member who is usually in charge.
It is also a good idea to hang women’s underwear on the inside of the house so that it will not be seen by others.

How about taking the opportunity of spending more time at home to raise the level of laundry for the whole family?